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No matter what the weather’s like outside, you should always be comfortable inside your home. Rogers Heating and Air Conditioning in Ottawa offers the installation, maintenance and repair of heating and air conditioning systems, ensuring that your home is always at the right temperature.

Save on Your Energy Bill with a High-Efficiency Furnace

Upgrading to a new furnace not only provides your home with more consistent heat, it also saves you money on your energy bills. With electric ignition technology, high-efficiency furnaces no longer require a fuel-consuming pilot light. Your new furnace will use the gas more efficiently, converting up to 98% of the fuel used into heat for your home.

Enjoy the Comfort of a Gas Fireplace

Sitting by the fire is a great way to spend any winter night, but having to chop logs and haul them inside can be a pain, especially when it’s freezing outside. A natural gas fireplace offers all the comfort of a real fireplace at the flick of a switch. You won’t have to worry about sweeping up ashes or waiting for the fire to go out before you leave the room—just turn it off and walk away.

Keep Your Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment Running with Regular Maintenance

A crucial part in making sure that your heating and air conditioning systems continue to run properly and efficiently is regular maintenance and cleaning. As such, we will put together a maintenance plan for you, letting you know when your furnace or air conditioner should be cleaned.

Products and Accessories

Many home owners have experienced that frustrating feeling of having to figure out which brand they should choose when replacing their furnace, fireplace or central humidifier. With years of experience, let one of our experts assist in recommending the best product or accessory for your unique situation.


“Moved into a new house but didn’t want to use the A/C brand that the builder was using. With Tom’s expert assistance I was able not only get a better quality product, but also learned a lot in the process.”


“Rogers Heating and Air Conditioning is always our first call for any HVAC needs, be it new installation or maintenance. Tom is very knowledgeable and always willing to explain things to the clients so you feel you understand what is going on. He is reliable and efficient. We have and will recommend him to all our friends and family.”

Steve A.

Roger’s gave me a great price and was able to replace my furnace same-day. I was very satisfied and the two service technicians were personable and efficient.

Chris K.